Hopportunity Knocks IPA for a Six-day Six pack

I got some good head during this Six-day six pack…

A glass with a solid two finger light tan head!

On sale for 5.98 with an advertised 6.8% alcohol and 100+ IBU, I couldn’t pass up the towering sale pallet in the back of the most boozer friendly grocers in town.


Day One-

The cosmic theme is in, and the stars mirror the brightness of the hop flavor that presses down on the tongue like a hop spoon which dissolves with a fleeting caramel malty finish. After the third sip I’m hooked even though it doesn’t hit as hard as other 100+ IBU.

After careful examination I realize that the beer is almost two months old and even canned, that amount of time lets the hops to loose their full zest. This beer however has held up remarkably well and Fern has to stop me from drinking a second.

Day Two-

Fern is closing at the cafe tonight so I celebrate the cosmic nature of this beer with a fellow star lover. Make it so.


Day Three-

As my tears pooled on the cutting board I began to understand that two habanero peppers are

  1. More than enough for a homemade batch of Island style hot sauce
  2. Without a beer, it would singe off every flavor taster nerve I ever had. Enough said.

Day Four-

Had my beer after a brisk run on the white rabbit trail system. Sipping on it after stretching and a shower I remembered that up too one beer is scientifically proven to be more hydrating than its equivalent amount of water*.

*Cited from my co-worker’s friend Jim whose sister read an article on the internet.

Day Five-

Date night! Fern and I managed to sip down the nights ration while walking in the alley way between the sushi restaurant and movie theater. The can looks like soda, not that we encourage public consumption…

Day Six-

This is the training bra of IPA’s. The rounded and full finish of the malt helps those who are not hop crazy (Fern) begin to enjoy that tinge, that rush of pine which many of us lust after daily.

This Six-day six pack has remended us at the Dopest Wine Taster to always check the dates on beer cans no matter how rocking Shop n’ Kart’s sale is.

Luckily, at almost two months old, Hopportunity Knocks has held up amazingly well and over the course of six days drinking it in six different ways I would buy it again. 


DOPENESS  8.2/10


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