Underwood West of Hood

I buy wine based on the label, just like Grandma, Drew Carey and Fern. If Underwood’s 2013 Pinot Noir is any indication then that isn’t such a bad thing. I fell prey to the age-old impulse while passing the local sale price at $9.99. God, what a sleek look. The bold white on black lettering screams hipster, and somehow in a good way.


The folks down at Union Wine Company are all about the marketing, and my demographic is definitely the target. Though I’m not a huge fan of the buy me because then you’ll be cool trick, it took about ten seconds to be sold. I have to give them props for that. It turns out not only THE MAN has game.


Union claims they are trying to make affordable and “great craft wine without all the muss and fuss” and mostly they are succeeding. They are trying very hard to be new and cutting edge in a way that’s a little in your face, which naturally creates a little bit of fuss, the fun kind.

  • Tasting:  Both simple and expanding, fruit and dry. Experience is like the satisfaction of taking a long drag from a clove cigarette after drinking a few too many questionable Pilsners.
  • Fern’s Notes:  Pours like a Rosé with a spicy aroma. Hits the mid tongue with a slow grip that radiates clear cherry/cherry skin. Finishes with a long clear spice.

This Pinot is a solid, tasty and an affordable purchase. To sweeten the pot, they are now distributing it in a can!

Dear Union,

Those of us who enjoy the sublime pleasure of backpacking, rafting, camping and recycling salute you. Oregon represent.


Affordability: 9/10

Dopeness: 7.5/10


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