416 Years Later

Since 1150, the Böckenhöff family has owned their farm in northern Germany and more importantly, distilled their own drink. In 2011 I met Leo Bökenhöff through a mutual friend in a pop music infested surf-town on the Ecuadorian coast. Recently, while traveling through the states, Leo dropped through Southern Oregon toting a bottle of his families’ hooch.


Back home, generations of Leo’s family has home distilled a special liquor known as Korn, a grain alcohol (35%). In most of Germany the proud tradition of home distilling is becoming increasingly rare. In step with the nation, the family stopped production in 2000.

There are only a few barrels left, which Leo’s uncle bottles and sells from a small shop on his farm. Made from traditional fermented rye, the secret to the Bökenhöff’s vintage is that it is stored in limousine oak barrels like whiskey.

We’re drinking Alter Bökenhöff, a recipe from 1598. Now, 416 years later, after a bike ride through the orchards and a steep slog up the Southern Oregon hillside, we crack open the smoothest moonshine I’ve ever tasted…

It tastes fruity and faintly citrus, which is probably because we used an orange as the back. Korn is commonly served as a sipping drink, sometimes paired with a beer called a “workers set menu”. It’s clean, tasty and perfect for an adventure to the rocks looking down on Talent’s wine and orchard lands.

  • Tasting: definitely white spirits…

Affordability: FREE!!

Dopeness: Hella Exclusive 10/10

Dope adventure train with Leo on the hook-up/knowledge, and instigation from Alex. Check out his  website:  http://www.ecuadoras.com



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