Rain, Caña Manabita, Tweakers. A Surf Trip on the Border.

Don’t park your car in the parking lot. It’s like 95% that tweakers will roll in for a smash and grab.  We encourage all campers to park behind our work station. – Redwoods Park Ranger 

Not the words you want to hear while being issued a camping permit, but hey, it was free! If anywhere could provide a perfect place to sip Ecuadorian sugar cane liquor and get thrashed by a bunch of cold cold waves, Enders Beach was it.


You might be asking how I ended up on a rain drenched surfing trip just south of meth infested Crescent City with a bottle of south american hooch and the answer is Alex, my no-good adrenaline addicted homie that has been dragging me on adventures since high-school. He also happens to import handwoven hats from a small fishing village in Santa Elena, Ecuador. A venture that has left him chronically broke but also happy because the business provides a livable income for the people there. You can find his hats at Ecuadoras

Personally, I love his career choice. He always brings back bottles of my favorite aguardiente… Caña Manabita!


After a messy day being buffeted by wonky waves we got back to camp shivering in our wetsuits. That’s when it started to rain and after two hours of constant maintenance we let our spluttering fire go out and ate our lukewarm dinner.

Finally, just as we got to the good part, Caña with a coconut water chaser in hand, the rain turned to mist and we headed down to the beach. This resulted in the normal shenanigans, Alex doing some night time free climbing (always a good idea), finding some coyote tracks, a surprisingly fast incoming tide and a few minor cuts and abrasions. Nothing out of the ordinary.

We were the only people in the camp and on the beach, it was serene and wonderful, even with our jabbering. We had our own shitty break, which is better than no break, and also a half coyote tweaker showed up in our camp with flushed cheeks and some crazy scary eyes… Contrary to the appearance in the picture he was super stoked and happy if a little wet and frazzled.


This is a great destination on the North Cal coast. If you’re planning on camping, a quick stop at the Redwoods state park office in not only technically “required” but also very helpful. It can be found in Crescent City CA, at 1111 Second St.

Tasting: Smooth white liquor that finishes with banana. No frills that gets you wrecked easy and cheap.

Affordability: If you, for example, happened to be in Guayaquil for a business trip, it would probably run about two bucks. 10/10

Dopeness: Nostalgia has invaded this review. 9/10


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