Weed n’ Wine: A Stoned Introduction

Weed gives me the munchies; it’s an established fact. Toke up a little and bar the fridge because I’ll eat all of the guacamole and after eat all the remaining corn chips. Later, sickeningly full I’ll wonder why? The corn chips were so goddamn dry and Gangsta Rap didn’t make me do it. It was only weed, a lack of self-control, and a whole lot of sugar cravings.

No matter what shade of marijuana legalization you believe or don’t believe, it is coming to a state near you. While some brace for the date that will allow reefer fiends to run free in the streets, others worry about the encroachment of big business into a currently largely homegrown industry. Some see this as the first step to the breaking of the War on Drugs and freeing of federal inmates held on marijuana related charges, while others are happy for the opportunity to blaze up in the privacy of their own home without fear. Most see legalization as a misty date that will cause some change, maybe big, maybe small while being sure as hell confusing and legally muddled. With the easing of prohibition we can finally start talking about weed in an open and honest way and begin walking on the long road to legitimization.

Besides UB40’s hit rehash of some good old Neil Diamond, only a small group of people are talking about weed and wine pairings, mostly in relation to fine dining. This is with good reason, when used incorrectly, the two clash like a pair of horny elk in rutting season, causing the spins and a whole lot of other heavy head syndrome. However, when paired correctly and used in correct dosages, weed carefully paired with wine can compliment each other in the most wonderful ways.

Charles Baudelaire in his Poem of Hashish says that it was “the mirror that magnifies.” Anyone who has been like ‘way too stoned’ can tell you pot reflects what you are already feeling then amplifies it. If you get stoned in a paranoid state it will heighten paranoia, if you go in a carefree state it will help cultivate a happy carefree state. By embarking on a smoking sesh with taste in mind, weed can help cultivate an increased awareness of flavor and experience in the wine. Its sensory enhancing properties can interact with the wine in new and dynamic ways.

This is the introduction to a series of article called Weed n Wine that will examine how to properly and enjoyably pair two of the world’s most mystical agricultural products. Look for the upcoming articles about how and what to pair including:

  • Wine and Weed Edibles: Building on the knowledge of food pairing.
  • Wine and How You Smoke: How should you ingest marijuana when pairing with wine.
  • Weed and Wine: A short history of cultivation and processing.
  • Wine and a Vaporizer: What and how to pair varietals when extracted through vaporization.
  • Wine and the Joint: What and how to pair varietals when extracted ‘classically’.

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