Caña Pedrito Coco

Malibu is lame, Caña Pedrito Coco is the exact opposite. It’s a flavor explosion of radical that scoffs at the hearsay of a chaser.

Just don’t look too hard at the label…


Did I mention that it goes great with burgers and costs less than half a pack of cigarettes (the international reformed smokers counting denomination).

Looking at its glacier water smooth liquid I can imagine the whole distilling operation. Assorted metal drums, cleverly attached hosing, uncle is the health inspector, Alcohol kills bacteria right? In the interest of ceasing this slander please dear reader, visit the distillery and let me know what it actually looks like. If you’re ever in the neighborhood of Guayaquil just pop on by, all the information is kindly included with only a slight liquid distortion.


There’s nothing not to love about it. Hell, anyday I’ll take 12ish ouches of my kind of hooch. Clean, smooth and coconut flavored. It tastes “really really good” according to a nonexistent sommelier somewhere.

Also, Alex is back with a whole mess of hats!

Ecuadoras, Ecuadoras, they are made of palm. If you have one, you’ll look so calm.

And also maybe like Alex after he’s had a shot of Caña Pedrito Coco!


Affordability: 10/10       $2.00!!!!!

Dopeness: 8/10            Like totally dope dude


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