Why Saving Your Pliny Bottles is Cool

Pliney is like Cuban cigars. It has created a gifting economy, it has been used to buy politicians, to win buisness contracts, to generally woo and bedazzle. Also, it tastes great and sometimes friends go to visit their family in Santa Rosa and bring back a cool bottle of that liquid Ambergold which results in my everlasting love and devotion.

O Pliny of Yesteryear, we were behind the fence but at least we had you, looking antiquely...

O Pliny of Yesteryear, we were behind the fence but at least we had you, looking antiquely…

Saving your Pliny bottles is cool because it proves that you were a part of the best ‘limited supply with timed release’ marketing sceme ever perpetuated in the craft beer market. While I might not be a huge fan of the H.Y.P.E. (Highend Yuppie Personified Excuse-me-i’m-drinking), but god do I fall prey to it. I can say that I have drank Pliney on four different occasions and somehow that’s something I’ve taken the time and memory to count. Could that only be because of H.Y.P.E.?

While their maketing strategy shows no sign of stopping, it calls into question why should we even care? So what if I can’t buy a bottle any day that I want, Russian River brews some fucking good beer and Pliney the Elder is still their best. It’s probably better because it’s special.

Saving your bottles shows that you have infact consumed x number of times and here’s the proof, read it and weep friends, family and co-workers….

Affordability: 6/10     That is if you happen to come across one of the few cases yearly alloted to most stores.

Dopeness: 9.5/10     What’s more dope than something you can’t always have?


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