Rosé, Could Anything Be More Seasonal?

Rosé is a wine for the HOT season and I don’t care if people call it a fad, It’s totally dope. Fresh, light and for sun filled day drinking, Rosé is my kind of wine. Here are three vintages I recently has the opportunity to try.

Quady North Rosé, 2014, Rogue Valley, Southern Oregon

Just like those glasses from the early 2000’s

Grenache, Syrah, Mourvedre. 12.5 % Alc.

Grenache, Syrah, Mourvedre. 12.5 % Alc.

Rosé is all about afternoons. Spring afternoons, summer afternoon, hell for some us, winter afternoons. The winemakers from Quady claim that they’ll “argue the virtues of rosé until we’re politely asked to leave” and their product holds up to this kind of statement. Poised sweet aroma with a complexity that maintains its lightness, a great balance of sweet acidic fruity flavor. Floral qualities with flavor of cantaloupe and ripe strawberry. Definitely serve very chilled and the coldness with the wines good coating of acid makes for a solid Cannabis pairing.

Resiliency: 6/10 The sweetness and florality are best expressed in moderation.

Cannabis Pairability: 9/10 Try paired with a strong Sativa such as Green Goblin that has a strong musky skunky flavor that plays off the strawberry and melon sweetness to be paired with a dreamy and alert high perfect as the afternoon drags on and you’re ready to go swimming.

Affordability: 8/10

Dopeness: 8.5/10

Upper Five Vineyards, 2014, Rosé of Grenache, Rogue Valley, Southern Oregon

Just because it doesn’t have these huge tannins, or strong flavor profiles doesn’t mean there’s not a whole lot going on.

12.3 % Alc. Made with Organic Grenache grapes.

12.3 % Alc. Made with Organic Grenache grapes.

It has this gorgeous very slight pink color with a slight nose of peach, strawberry and undertones of esther. It definitely has some legs. Starting similarly slight it sneaks up on the pallet with this clear bursting sweet/acidic/sour flavor that is simultaneously big and subtle. It’s like many unperceivable things come from all these different directions to make this perfect balance of smallness that hits the pallet in a big way, like a troop of perpetually drunk fairies are dancing on your tongue. Definite flavor of ester and fruits like pale strawberry and weak hibiscus tea. If you put your tongue to the roof of your mouth after a sip there is this increased lingering sweetness. The finish is dynamic, a solid 15 seconds.

Resiliency: 9.5/10 It is beautiful and smooth and dynamic and I want to drink it all day.

Cannabis Pairability: 9/10 The subtle flavor would is amplified when paired with a sweet strain like Strawberry Cough. The subtle acid and fruitiness demands a light extraction such a vaporizer as to not be overwhelmed.

Affordability: 7/10 For the quality you might as well be paying hot (stolen) prices.

Dopeness: 9/10

Villa Wolf 2014 Pinot Noir Rosé, Pfalz Rhine River valley, Germany.

A fruity German leaping out of a bottle

Briefly macerated Pinot Noir grapes. 12.5% Alc. Tropical fruit sweet aromas spring out of this bottle instantly after opening. Salmon colored with a slight sparkling effect, this wine is sweet but not overbearingly. Flavor profile of pineapple guava rosey fruit time this rosé is refreshing as a smoothy. Clean with zesty acid and did I mention be prepared for fruit?

Resiliency: 5/10 This much fruit would eventually get under the skin.

Cannabis Pairability: 6/10 Pair with something big and fruity like Cotton Candy Kush that will keep you euphoric and bubbly.

Affordability: 6/10

Dopeness: 6/10


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