Platt Anderson 2013 Albariño


Bright, clean, zesty and crisp this 2013 Albariño is everything you’ve ever wanted from a white wine. Platt Anderson Cellars is Ashland’s first urban winery. Wait, an urban winery? Yes, it’s possible! They source each of their grapes from local vineyards based on desired soil quality, vine nutrient and flavor integrity. They then crush, press and ferment in the residential railroad district.
The grapes used in their 2013 Albariño were procured from Umpqua Valley’s Fault line Vineyard which expresses itself in their vintage as a balanced seashell, sand minerality. With flavors of peach, apricot, pear and a hint of lemon tinged florality this is a great food wine.
Pair it with expensive and delicious foods like shellfish, salmon, tuna or swordfish. And while we’re at it, take your budget one step further and make a perfect cannabis pairing with the potent and famous Silver Pearl that (purportedly) tastes like honey, apricot, peach and berry. Half this bottle goes down like nothing and after a generous portion of seafood and one puff of the Silver Pearl you might just look like something from the deep sea yourself. If your fins last more than 4 hours, seek medical attention.

Resiliency: 8/10 Keep the fish dishes coming and the wine pouring i’ll consume this like a hungry Bavarian.
Cannabis Pairability: 8/10
Affordability: 6/10
Dopeness: 7.5/10


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