Notes From the Flight Path: Anderson Valley Brewing

Fern and I recently went to Anderson Valley Brewing and tried a whole bunch of beer. All were exciting, some more than others, as the second flight found its way onto our table we felt buzzed and wide eyed and a lot like this kitten.

“You know that moment right after you take psilocybin mushrooms again and you feel like”

“You know that moment right after you take psilocybin mushrooms again and you feel like”

Notes from the flight path:

O yes...

O yes…

The Gose Family, Kimmie, Yink & Holy Gose:

Salty sour, underripe raspberry, great for the first sip but then goes down hill, long saliva finnish, like mexican lime salt or the aftermath of a tequila shot. Malty apple cider vinegar.

Blood Orange Gose:

Slightly sweeter than previous Gose. Tastes like beautiful citrus, exactly like grapefruit weed strain with its earthy hoppy profile. Like echinacea with orange. It’s not overly sweet like what we wish all kombucha tastes like. Profile of tangerine.

Experimental Botanical Gose:

Like a lemonhead or lemon-lime slurpee but a beer! Big flavor herbal, first sip is the best. Totally rad, novel and a must if you visit the taphouse.

Brother David’s Double Abbey Style Ale:

Malty aroma, 10 second finish. Flavor of malty caramel, old cola, earthy morel truffle, cherry tree, elm, oats in a cellar. This is the best thing that comes out of monasteries suppressed sexuality, fucking great beer.

Nelson Saison:

Bubblegum with pabst, light slight sour, chamomile, wheat field, aroma of floral fruit hops, pesto! pesto! pesto! Tastes like you fell face first into a French farmer’s field.

Rye Barrel Stout:

Aroma smells of rye whiskey, or a oil pan after it’s been drained, literally like a black velvet with bourbon. Starts with whiskey sweet to full rich oaky oaty middle with slight tannin finish, like aftertaste of a bourbon shot. Really rich, the rye whiskey flavor comes through so strong its really perfect for a cannabis pairing. Delicious, delicious and delicious.

Double IPA:

Very bright hops, five second delay on finnish, bright light floral and tasty. Balanced and smooth, great hop expression without an overpowering bitterness.

Boont Amber Ale:

Flavor of toasted grain, toffee and plum with a slight hop profile this is quintessential Anderson Valley. Clean, crisp and refreshing this is the perfect beer for an afternoon or to finish up a long day of tasting.


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