O you sweet Minx, you body seducer, you harlequin Chip n' Dale dancer...

O you sweet Minx, you body seducer, you harlequin Chip n’ Dale dancer…

The flavor is incredibly woody, rich and syrupy. It has this taste of pine needles and hickory with a zesty zingy finish. Tastes a lot like weed in the Andes and makes my body feel like it’s soaring along sheer one-lane mountain roads wearing a poncho.

The body high is amazing and quite a bit different from an Indica, it’s relaxed without being sedated and chilled without being ripped. It hits just as fast as any other cannabis I’ve had, but in a totally different way. You don’t get trashed but you definitely burned some flower. The high CBD content causes ripples of decompression while the Sativa leaves you simultaneously uplifted and energized.

This strain is a medical user’s choice. The huge CBD content with minuscule amounts of THC was achieved through careful genetic breeding. The child of three Sativas, a Swiss landrace, a Thai and Colombian Gold crossed with an Indica from the mountains of Nepal. It’s a totally unique flavor, high and cannabis experience. Though Harlequin takes a long time in the drying room and the flowering heads can get top heavy so they need support, it’s totally worth the extra effort. A must have in the four plant repertoire.

According to Steep Hill Halent this strain has a profile of:

THC: 4-7% CBD: 8-16% THCV: 0-.5% CBG: .2-.9% CBC: .04-.4% B-Myrcene: .2-.8% a-Pinene: 0-.2% D-Limonene: 0-.2% Linalool: 0-.01% B-Caryophyllene: 0-.2%


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