Suprise! Siam Sato

After a long day snorkeling in the hot Thai sun all I wanted was a refreshing cold beer on our shady bungalow porch… After picking up what I thought was said beverage I soon realized that somewhere on the bottle in all that Thai writing it said Siam Sato is no beer at all. It’s some sort if 8% rice wine.Aroma of a floral rice vinegar you can definitely feel its status as a fermented product. Did you ever play slap the bag with an unidentified white table wine? Well imagine that, except sweeter and younger, boom you’ve had Siam Sato. With a flavor like sweetened chrysanthemum pear juice and a side of roast peanut it finishes with a bitterness powered by the sugar content. At least that’s what my western taste buds tell me. 

Resiliency: 3/10 

Affordability: 9/10 it only costs 1.50 for 22ozs!

Cannabis Pairability: 3/10 Even if I weren’t in the land of prohibition I wouldn’t really recommend. Guaranteed Headache…

Dopeness: 5/10


One thought on “Suprise! Siam Sato

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