Best Thai Beer

Best beer of Thailand! 
We’ve all been there, eating a meal so spicy you think you might burn your teeth to the nerve endings and all you want is a beer. But which one to choose? 

We set up a blind tasting of the three most widely available Thai beers (Singha, Chang and Leo) against a SE Asia import (Tiger) to determine just that. Our bungalow was unequipment with cups so we settled for some paper wrapping which didn’t really work and quickly devolved into eyes closed and nostrils flared literally blindly sipping from cans.

And the results are in! 

1st place: Singha, thanks to its bright grapefruit aroma and preserved hop profile. You can drink it repeatedly and all day without getting bored or malted out. Think hammock hung in the shade of a palm tree so your legs are partially submerged in the gently lapping ocean.

2nd place: Chang, due to its caramel body that tastes surprisingly like coca-cola. Not much of an aroma but a rich flavor that holds up under the heat and gives those much needed electrolytes. Beer is hydrating right? Think umbrella shaded lounge chair on a golden spit of sand that reaches far out into the turquoise water.

3rd place: Leo, because of its refreshing lightness and slight ester zip. Hell, can you really complain about the revitalizing nectar called lager after you’ve been sweating for six hours straight? Think wicker chair in a beachside reggae bar.

Honorable note: Tiger, as our control option this widely distributed Singaporean beer is much as Pepsi is to Coke. The first sip is abundant thanks to its strong malt profile which starts to lean too far towards the flavor of tree bark and barley by the end of the can. 

Conclusion: Thailand is a great country if you love lagers. They’re cheap, plentiful and always just what you desired.


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