Full Moon Red Wine Cooler

The wine cooler, prerequisite for all tropical dreams right? Full Moon Red Wine Cooler is my first encounter with the Thai wine industry and let me tell you, it ain’t letting down the shirtless masses of Israelis here on Koh Phangan for the Full Moon Party. In fact while drinking this cooler they’re instantly transported back to that one time they visited the extended family back in upstate New York. 
At 5% Alc. and with a taste a lot like sparkling Manischewitz this Concord grape flavored soda will not let a college sorority girl’s pre-game down. Sweet and sparkling and for at least the first half of the bottle, as it claims, it’s the “original smooth drinking”.
Resiliency: 4/10 Tasty for half of bottle max.
Affordability: 8/10 Costs about a dollar…
Cannabis Pairability: 5/10 If it was legal in this country than I would pair with a grape strain but the coolers sugar content would threaten to accentuate cotton mouth.
Dopeness: 5.5/10


One thought on “Full Moon Red Wine Cooler

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