Lao Khao Thai White Whiskey

35% White Liquor, that’s the only English on the bottle. It seems that this moonshine is not marketed towards me, yet I desire it. I mean the top pops off! It’s not even resealable, how could I deny such a brash bottle. Did I mention that it cost 51 baht, so like 1.75$ US. 
It has something grape-like about the flavor, with definite smokey charcoal notes. Not unlike scotch, but totally unique it’s more like rich charcoal than peat. 

We tried it first mixed with pineapple juice which left the smoky flavor a little bit too intact, it didn’t cohere. But when we mixed it with lychee juice, magic happened. Underripe lychee already has an almost smokey thing going on, and the alcohol cut through the sweetness of the juice while harmonizing with the aftertaste into a cohesive whole. This is white liquor at its best. The rich flavor of the hooch takes the center while the lychee takes over the aftertaste. 
Resilency: 5/10 An acquired taste to sit down to the entire bottle.

Affordability: 10/10 The potency per dollar is astounding.

Cannabis Pairability: 5/10 Anyone ever try a strain with a lychee profile? I’m all ears.

Dopeness: 6.5/10


One thought on “Lao Khao Thai White Whiskey

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