Full Moon Party Bucket, Sang Som, Koh Phangan 

Full Moon Party Bucket, Sang Som, Koh Phangan   
How do you decide which possibly tweaked out hawker to buy a bucket from? Well, we chose based on the inclusion of the free bathroom. Which we badly needed.
The red bull must be different here, I can taste the energy, or maybe it’s the bull testicles. Add a pint of Sang Som (Thai rum), a bunch of ice and top off with coca-cola. Voila, you have the masterpiece called the bucket. 

A caramel sweetness starts the flavor which leads to a strong alcohol backbone and an oil slick sorta medicinal sweetness on the finish. Everyone in our crew cringes after a taste and opt for the classier option, imported Smirnoff Vodka and Tonic.

Dopest Wine Taster is at the Full Moon Party and even during the low season it’s still one of the biggest shitshows i’ve ever seen. Neon cut offs and booty shorts till the horizon. By midnight all seem in a stupor, many stare vacantly from perches in the sand. And it’s easy to tell why, though after Fern and I finish our bucket we momentarily consider a second but quickly opt out and just in time. We’re thoroughly trashed for the hair raising, 70kph ride through the dark narrow potholes streets of Koh Phangan back to our hostel.
Resiliency: 4/10 Alcohol poisoning imminent… Take care adventurous traveler!

Affordability: 8/10 Stateside equivalent to one Mexican food chain margarita, like $7.50 US.

Cannabis Pairability: 4/10 Are you crazy! Even if you were on the stillest, most tranquil ground on the entire planet, like Iowa or east Colorado, you’d still get the spins.

Dopeness: 4/10


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