Palas afternoon tea in the Cameron Highlands, Malaysia.

Palas afternoon tea in the Cameron Highlands, Malaysia. Know for it’s produce, flowers and of course tea plantations the Highlands are one of the few places in peninsular Malaysia that cool off. Boh Teas, in many ways synonymous with the tea growing region, is the mostly widely distributed and available line. Their Teahouse located on the primary plantation offers the full range of products and toes of the on sight tea processing factory are free. The only unfortunate (or fortunate) thing is that as a visiting tourist the plantation is only accessible by car, chartered (and expensive/brief) tour bus or hitch-hiking.

Fern and I chose to hitch and what a ball we had riding along the steep and winding highland’s roads with a one armed Indian flower farmer who passed trucks, made business calls on his cellphone and kept the stick shift Mercedes in the prefect gear without over revving the engine. One arm! 

At the plantation we chose a heavily caffeinated pot of Palas Afternoon Tea. A strong option chalk full of antioxidants with a jasmine flower type flavor and without milk I momentarily thought they had discovered the formula for tea espresso. Needless to say I was happily buzzing for the factory tour. Fern on the other hand, who is not lactos intolerant, said the Palas Afternoon was complimented and smoothed out perfectly by the milk and sugar for a round, floral and fresh flavor. 
Resiliency: 6/10 Tasty drinking but one cup puts enough umph in my lumph.

Affordability: 6/10 By Malaysian standards the Boh Teahouse is a little on the expensive side, but worth the extra.

Cannabis Pairability: 8/10 Yes please! The teas floral aspects would pair wonderful with some ‘flowers’ and the bitterness would cut through the cottonmouth. Also the Teahouse view is incredible with stunning fresh air. Unfortunately, cannabis is very very illegal in Malaysia and not worth the risks involved.

Dopeness: 7/10.


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