Belgian Strong Ale. Potent Bro, Potent.

“I know a place where you can get cheap beers” said the German who had been staying in the Cameron Highlands for a little too long. “They’re called Zebra and they sell them for 7 Ringgit(2$) at the Indian corner shop… ” We found the shop, we found the beer but why o why did we listen to that German!?!Two tall boys, Original Clippers (15%) and Zebra (12%), both Belgian Strong ales, which I now know means malt liquor. You know, like 40’s, Mickeys, Old English, those things you used to shoulder tap for outside of 711 to make Brass Monkeys with or play Edward Fortyhands. Yup, a Belgian Strong Ale is one of those, except more potent, and a more acquired taste, to put it subtly.

The Zebra had a sweeter profile, it’s very thick with a taste like cheap caramel.

The Clippers tastes more like Evan Williams Whiskey mixed with Coolers Light. The whiskey notes are most notable on the exhalation. It also has a bastardization of the oak barrel effect, tasting like vanilla, but the kind you would throw out of your baking cabinet because its been there since 1963.
Resiliency: 3/10 Try finishing a can, I dare you.

Affordability: 7/10 In Malaysia, with their obscene alcohol tax, it’s easy to think you’ll try anything under a certain price point just for the experience. But sometimes it’s just not worth it.

Cannabis Pairability: 2/10 No! Do not taint Jah Herb.

Dopeness: 4/10 (notice how large they print the alc. content. Wonder what the selling point is.)


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