Guinness Malaysia
Deep caramel with sour instead of hop on the finish. Creamy component, vanilla esq… Wait, what am I doing!?!?!

Who hasn’t tried that quintessential brew, this tasting is about where we are. 

The street food market on Jalan Alor, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is the perfect place to drink Guinness which has a sour side, a definite saltiness, just like the street action unfolding around us. 

Confused, overstuffed white tourists ward off selfie stick vendors, Chinese tourists clutch scotch whiskey bottles and happily tote next gen iPhones. A rich Malay boy drives by in a Porsche stressed out as fuck. He’s just realized this might not be the best way to find a date and someone is about to touch his car. Our server has red betel nut stained nubs of teeth. The street hawkers press menus into passing peoples hands selling any meal from Roti Canai to Fried Noodles, BBQ Crocodile to Birds nest Soup. KL is nothing if not a crazy mishmash of culture tucked inbetween high rise office buildings.


A newly raised highrise above a pen of cattle next to the Sental Lightrail Station.

It’s bright and somehow dingy, ultra modern yet with the sounds of the call to evening prayer, conservative. The perfect place to drink an overpriced beer and contemplate well just about any subject that comes to mind.

Location Review: Jalan Alor Drinking

Resiliency: 10/10 There is astounding people watching till late in the night.

Affordability: 6/10 Alcohol is very heavily taxed and unfortunately expensive.

Cannabis Pairability: 6/10 This would be a great place to get dreamy eyed and stare but Cannabis is almost nonexistent and not really worth the harsh penalties imposed by this devout country.

Dopeness: 7/10


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