Why Thong Sala is the best place to stay for the Full Moon Party on Koh Phangan.


Why Thong Sala is the best place to stay for the Full Moon Party on Koh Phangan.

Most post Full Moon Partiers opt for a big greasy soak-up-the-remaining-vodka breakfast at A’s Cafe, American style. The great thing about staying in Thong Sala however is that you can choose a more refreshing and infinitely cheaper delicious Thai breakfast with chilies that swallow up the vodka like a pacman game. 
 Without an English sign, this noodle place serves copius portions of starchy noodles in rich star anis and chicken broth with unlimited fresh veggies. It’s infinity better for both the stomach and the wallet. Find on Surat Thani Rd. when headed toward Baan Tai on the left side next to the Bamboo Bistro.

After, get your caffeine fix alongside ice cream at The Fat Cat where Portuguese owner, Sergio Vides, makes top notch espresso with a well expressed dark chocolate flavor. The milkless Thai tea is also extremely good, spiked with extra anise, cloves and lime.

For dinner try Ban Sam Pao, which serves hot pot and excellent Thai salads. It’s the kind of place you know is good before even entering. Every table is filled with locals. Although there’s a wait here, the neighboring restaurant is still dead as a bleached coral reef. Make sure to try the lemon pork salad but don’t forget to order water to keep your tongue from falling off.

Thong Sala’s Nighmarket is the Koh Phangan equivalent to a Portland, Oregon hipster food truck cluster. It’s also the best place on the island to get Pad Thai noodles. Not over sweetened, garnished with crisp fresh veggies and a omelette that is jacketing the goods. What may look humble is a work of art and the bandanna wearing cook knows it. Find on the wall of the 7-11 adjoining the night market.

Don’t forget to catch the Saturday walking street market that sees Surat Thani street close to cars and fill with an amazing variety of hawkers and vending stalls. Fresh cheap street food abounds, and by buying small things from many you can enjoy lots of Thai specialties in a short period of time.

It only costs around 80 Baht to get to Haad Yai in a share taxi making Thong Sala, with its central location and amazing variety of cheap and delicious food, the best place to stay on Koh Phangan for the Full Moon Party. Or just go there to eat and howel at the moon safe from buckets of booze in your hostel. It’s still well worth the trip! 

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