Cambodian Landrace Cannabis

Thanks to some friends who anonymously shared this information about their cannabis experience, a hear say review of some Cambodian “premium”. Tastes similar to other landrace strains with deep leafy green, porcini, and hazelnut notes. 

The high is described as potent undersea clarity with a relaxing effect on the body as if in a hot tub. The perfect high for calm and cerebral activities like sunset cruises, beach wondering and porch lounging.

Though fresh-ish it doesn’t seem to have been stored very well so the aroma is determinablely diminished and the color slightly pale. Long Red/orange hairs and a yellow dusting of tricombs show it is on the potent side but the presence of seeds indicates a non feminized grow. When queried the dealer apparently replied “of course there’s seeds, that’s how you grow more” in a condescending manner. 

Three three inch buds for 20$ is definetly on the spendy side, but it doesn’t have mold, which is surprising at the end of the rainy season.


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