Buffalo Alley, The Best Place to Drink in Battambang Cambodia, especially Cobra Wine

The best place to drink in Battambang Cambodia is Buffalo Alley, an ultra hip bar on 1.5 st. run exclusively by local university students. An omage to Battambang’s old name, Kampung Krabey, which means buffalo village, they have killer happy hour deals, from 4-8 PM .50$ Angkor draft beer and 2$ cocktails.We tried three of their signature drinks:


The Apoy, drunk early in the evening.

 The Lychee Caprioska (vodka, muddled lychee, lime and soda water) is refreshing and tropical whereas their take on an Apoy (tequila, peach snaps, mandarine, lime juice in a sugar rimmed glass) is very sweet but somehow remains balanced. The Kikilu (rice wine muddled with lime and topped off with coca cola) is the Cambodian take on a Cuba Libre.

Buffalo Alley also features an extensive menu of locally produced rice wine: traditional, herbal infused, tarantula infused, fruit infused (as traditionally given to new mothers) and the ever poplar cobra and scorpion infused (rumored to increase virility).

It was Fern’s birthday so of course we decided to try some scorpion/cobra wine. Our server gleefully poured us each a shot as he told us he never drank the stuff ‘because it was a little poison, and he worried about his heart’.

  The aroma was the same as normal rice wine but you can see the minuet drops of oil floating on the surface of the glass. It has a front loaded spicy flavor like if citronella and chili where made snakey. A long finish, can you really taste the snake? I don’t know, it feels serpentine and cauldron like, and medicinal and is my heart beating faster, I don’t know. No it can’t be, but it really might be…

Assuredly an acquired taste, which we washed down with Black Panther. A 8% Stout brewed in Sihanoukville, Cambodia which has notes of cardamom and rye grain deep and rich as a snake’s den in a rice patty.

Needless to say, after a night of invoking totemic drinks and potent concoctions the only thing left to do was sing karaoke of that one Celine Dion song from Titanic, which seems to be everywhere in Cambodia, and we did, with all our fluttery heart.
Location review: Buffalo Alley

Resiliency: 9/10 Start during happy hour out front, move to bar as drinks get more potent and finish in upstairs karaoke den.

Affordability: 9/10 Killer deals, like totally rad, sweet promotions man.

Cannabis Pairability: 6/10 Sign says ‘please no pot smoking here’, but if there was, if there was…

Dopeness: 8/10 And we’re drunk.


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