Cambodian Microbrews in Phnom Penh. 

Cambodian Microbrews in Phnom Penh.  
Kingdom Breweries Pilsner, Cambodia. Crisp apple taste with a multifaceted finish of slight hop, which highlights it’s character. 

The bright finish and zesty flavor are as if the yeast were raised on a strict diet of pineapple. As the label implies, this pilsner is obviously as light on its feet as a fruitarian cloud leopard.

Kingdom Breweries Dunkel, Cambodia. Tastes kinda like a sweater, a tasty sweater. Maybe that’s the power of the water buffalo on the label coming through. A bright caramel malt on the start continues and fluctuates to a cola by the finish. There’s a definite wet and dark deepness, like waterlily roots. It starts forward on the tongue then stays high to the roof of the mouth with a sudden drop hit of flavor to the throat.

Phnom Penh Brewing Stout, Cambodia. Has a sweetness of malt syrup rather than depth. It’s bright and light rather than steep, reminiscent of a strong ale. Things are spread thin at moment but a couple months in a barrel and its dark chocolate notes, almost like carob, would show much more promise.
Resiliency: 6/10 Most Cambodian microbrews make you want another. They obviously really have skill when it comes to Pilsner.

Affordability: 6/10 Hovers around a dollar a beer, around the lower end of Pacific NW pricing.

Cannabis Pairability: 9/10 Much promise it has, but one must do, not try.

Dopeness: 7/10


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