Kampot Cider

Kampot Cider in Kampot Cambodia. Very fizzy and vibrantly sour but god knows where they source the apples. With a good brisk pear-like sweetness and the finish of a Granny Smith, who cares to even think about details of origin. Still, everything about this screams memory of the British empire or lots and lots of Expats.


Resiliency: 8/10 Perfect after a day of kayaking and hot bike rides. More nip than a beer and satiates the bodies craving for electrolytes. 

Affordability 6/10 Tourist market pricing but 7.5% and “no artificial ingredients or color” makes it worth it.

Cannabis Pairability: 9/10 The dynamic sour and sweet make Kampot Cider munchie satiating while the carbonation is perfect to cut through cotton mouth.  

Dopeness: 7.5/10


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