Saigon Beer, Red & Green

Saigon Red and Green.

Saigon Red back for some Coco’s Bar home infused passionfruit rum.

If you’re in the south of Vietnam then you’re guaranteed to run into some killer deals on this well executed brew. The Red, 4.9% while slightly more expensive is worth the extra investment. The Green, 4.3%, still good, has a slight metallic thing going on but aggressive happy hour prices (in a variety of Ho Chi Minh locations as low as 3000-7000 dong a bottle) make it totally worth it. Both exemplify the regions tasty light style, as refreshing as the sunrise over the sweeping distances of rice paddies.

Resiliency: 10/10 #Vietnam is fricking amazing so try to not spend your entire trip on Pham Ngo Lao lost in the golden expanses of Saigon brew. 

Affordability: 9/10 Only beat in price by Vietnam’s famous #Bia hoi.

Cannabis Pairability: 9/10 Just ask the cigarette vendors. Well actually they’ll ask you. 

Dopeness: 9.5/10


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