Vodka Hanoi

Vodka Hanoi, 29%, pure premium batman export quality. Seriously, it says that on the label! Did I mention it was a promotion bottle given to the table of young Britts next to us who were too afraid to imbibe because of moonshine blindness? So we took it and added it to our mojitos because Mr. Bean told us to. Yup, Saturday in Hoi An Vietnam, Batman Quality.
Resiliency: 4/10 All too possible to keep drinking but my morning brain is screaming no! Stop now!

Affordability: 9/10 Painfully, scarily cheap. We’re talking 25 Cent pints.

Cannabis Pairability: 4/10 Only worthy of swag, swag probably cut with tobacco.

Dopeness: 5.5/10


One thought on “Vodka Hanoi

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