Morning Report: Vietnamese Arabica, skillfully extracted.

Vietnamese Arabica pour over. #theespressostation Hoi An Old Quarter.  
Made from beans grown in the highlands of Dalat Vietnam it has a light coconut pecan flavor that hints towards a depth of date and hickory. With mild acidity and a medium body it wallops with a lot of caffeine. The color is almost Mahogany. 

It has a little bit less fullness than the region’s delicious and quintessential robusta bean pour over but is just as rich in complexity. A prefect drink to get a lazy day started in Hoi An at The Espresso Station, a back alley gem tucked amongst greenery on the periphery of the old quarter. 
Morning Report: Vietnamese Arabica

Resiliency: 8/10 You can only drink so much coffee, especially one with this much caffeine.

Affordability: 8/10 Well below US third wave prices for a high quality, well executed product.

Dopeness: 8/10


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