Dalat Export Quality Red Wine, Vietnam.  
Sweet on the nose like driving a scooter amongst a field of Hibiscus trees. The flavor leans towards juicy strawberry. Think California Red blend or young Argentinean Malbec, smooth and drinkable as sh*t. 

Dalat Wine gets a bad rap due to the so called “strong” wine which is made from cardinal grapes with alcohol content boosted by the addition of mulberry juice (16%). It, in comparison to the export quality, tastes like cranberry with red berry and cinnamon on the nose. Thank god it’s usually served chilled. It makes you want to order pineapple juice and Hanoi Vodka to slap together a Frankenstein Sangria.

The non mulberry amped “standard” product (11%) on the other hand tastes smooth with notes of tart red berry and a slight earthy funk on the finish. 

While Vang Dalat varies substantially along its product line it’s still amazing that they’re making an affordable product that Vietnam is deservedly proud of. My tip: Stick to the Export Quality.
Resiliency: 8/10 The export quality vintage is 100% vitis vanifra and holds up all the way till the bottom of the bottle.

Affordability: 8/10 In a cook your own pork and veggie bbq place, this wines soul mate, a bottle is about 7 bucks US.

Cannabis Pairability: 7/10 Juicy vintages pair well with big earthy strains. They tone down the cannabis’ pinyness while the wines earth complexity gets amplified.

Dopeness: 7.5/10 


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