Morning Report: Vietnamese Weasel Coffee

Vietnamese Weasel Gold coffee. How could we not?

We rolled into one of the many bulk coffee suppliers in Hanoi Vietnam and plunked down our two bucks for a cup of shit coffee. 

Literally! But the coffee actually tasted pretty good.

It has a strong rich deep profile like 80% baking chocolate, with a smokey ending. The bitterness is strong without being astringent, fully expressed while somehow smoothed out. It’s really just a complex robusta with a more developed if slightly skunky flavor guess it’s been inside a weasel or something.

In Vietnam it’s referred to as ca phe chon and yes, it apparently is sourced from the excrement of the Asian Palm civet who apparently only choose the best and ripest berries which are transformed by their gastric juices.

Resiliency: 7/10 With condensed milk, Viet style, this milk choc thing happens, like super legit hot chocolate plus it has caffeine..!

Affordability: 9/10 While civet coffee can retail for hundreds of dollars a kilo in the west here in the producing region the price is far depreciated. For continuities sake lets assume it’s the genuine article, not one of the controversial “fake” weasel coffee’s because I have no way of proving its authenticity. 

Cannabis Pairability: 9/10 It has these kind of skunky, mushroom and earthy facets similar to certain strains of marijuana (think the infamous AK-47 or Sour-D) and would pair perfectly with them.

Dopeness: 8.5/10 The beat part is you can say you’ve drank it!


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