Vang Thang Long fruit wine

Vang Thang Long fruit wine.   
This is like nothing my mouth has ever heard of. Sweet on the start like Italian sausage and cold blooded on the finish like a vampire, except fruity. Candy strawberry fruity, ice creme from the ice creme man fruity, Strawberry Otter Pop fruity, except like an Otter Pop that somehow got a little sour on the finish, kinda like those fake ones mom used to get from Grocery Outlet, called fruit sticks or something. Remember when you used to go blackberry picking and you’d get those partially fermented ones? Ya pretty much the wine version of that.
Resiliency: 5/10 Let’s make a spritzer! Cause that’s the only way we’re gonna drink this…

Affordability: 8/10 Two bucks fifty US for a bottle at 14.5% is a pretty good deal, but we’re not hobos.

Cannabis Pairability: 5/10 Try with one of the many berry strains (blackberry, Ganesh berry, dream berry, ogre berry, blueberry) but expect it to amplify your cottonmouth.

Dopeness: 6/10


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