Beer Lao, “Best Of” for Backpackers

Beer Lao, “Best Of” for Backpackers  
It’s quintessential, synonymous for most with drunken night in SE Asia, it’s cheap! There’s notes of manure…

Just kidding, we’re actually in the very rural south and there’s a cow like three feet away.

New tasting notes- from refreshing waterfall view platform. Remember Wheaties? Beer Lao has a chewy wheat profile with slight melon and citrus, like the baby of a Saison and a SE Asian Lager. 

Resiliency: 8/10 Complex enough to set itself apart yet perpetually drinkable.

Affordability: 9/10 Price that not even Walmart could beat (please almighty giant don’t open outlets here and try)

Cannabis Pairability: 9/10 Even after its facelift have you seen Vang Vieng? And let’s just say a lot of people are doing some experimentation.

Dopeness: 8.5/10


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