Beer Lao Dark Lager

Beer Lao Dark Lager 

Tasted alongside a sea of Luang Prabang Night Market buffet joy. The best place to eat in that expensive town.

Drinks like a Steven king novel, approachable to almost any palate, all too easy to chug, slightly nutty, and begs for a sequel. The perfect balance of malt to hop for a crisp experience slightly fuller than your typical lager and comes in at 6.5% Alc!
Resiliency: 9/10 Drink till the cows come home.

Affordability: 8/10 Half again as expensive as Beer Lao Lager but worth every last extra Lao Kip

Cannabis Pairability: 8/10 Pair with something rich like Peaches & Creme to amplify both of their creamy nuttiness for a winter wonderland in your mouth.

Dopeness: 8.5/10


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