Whiskey Village Satho Lao Rice Wine

Satho Lao Rice Wine, produced in Ban Wanghai (also spelled Xiang Hai or Sanghai), a.k.a. the famous Whiskey Village.  
Their “low” alcohol rice wine is a superb product that tastes like banana meets citrus. The residual sugar makes a tart and sweet experience somewhat like alcoholic lemonade. It’s made from what looks like a hulled white aborio type rice for a final product reminiscent of unfiltered sake with ~15% Alc.
Ignoring the problems associated with package tourism, animal infused liquor and the crazy English translations that pervade Laos, i’m so glad the Whiskey village makes a living selling hooch to us falang (foreigner). 

Resiliency: 5/10 Towards the bottom of the pint it starts to develop some old man breath notes.

Affordability: 8/10 Lets just say we happily overpaid (2$) for the small bottle.

Cannabis Pairability: 7/10 Who got the Lemon Haze?

Dopeness: 6.5/10


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