Auntie La Cinnamon Whiskey, Lao Lao from Luang Namtha.

Auntie La Cinnamon Whiskey, Lao Lao from Luang Namtha.
Think Big Red gum, it tastes like eating cinnamon powder straight. The flavor goes crazy in the nose like grandma shoving her famous apple pie in your face while you sleep. The deep spice lingers and towards the finish is reminiscent of molasses. 

Auntie La’s makes Fireball seem like Mike’s Hard Lemonade. Fern drank it and started to sing in the third person “that girl is on fire”. The color of old coffee stained mahogany it’s seriously hardcore, like “whoe whoe” totally savory, Ayurvedic diet hardcore. 

The label makes no claims to easy drinking, saying “It brings the warmth of springtime to your body by adjusting your ying and Wei qi levels and unblocking your yang qi. Even better it tastes like spiced Xmas.” What does one expect from Auntie La, the woman who brings “cocktails, beer towers, and schnapps” to the masses!
Resiliency: 5/10 The trick is to drink fast and mix with Coke, which morphs the flavor into “more herbal”. It would be even better with a sweet apple cider.

Affordability: 9/10 Really really (really) cheap. Like far less than the cost of the equivalent weight in cinnamon back home.

Cannabis Pairability: 8/10 Try paired with a sweet strain like Space Candy to create a baked apple effect.

Dopeness: 7.5/10 
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