Espresso Bar at Prath 1, Pai Thailand.

Espresso Bar at Prath 1, Pai Thailand.
Dark chocolate with apricot and berry notes, a medium light body and a building finish with high bright acidity.

The “black coffee” option is actually a long black, a really good one, but the best part is the aesthetic of the shop. Dark stained wood with traditional floor seating is offset by a collection of vintage action figures. Including a frightening number of Chuckie dolls that from the corner of your vision seem to bop their heads along to the eighties tunes over the sound system.
Resiliency: 9/10 Some cafe’s are a lifestyle, this ones is daylong blissful leisure..

Affordability: 7/10 Worth every premium pricing penny.

Cannabis Pairability: 7/10 The coffee would pair really well with a berry strain but Pai has plenty of better locations to blaze.

Dopeness: 8/10 #coffee

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