Cerasia Coffee Roasters, Bangkok Thailand.

Cerasia Coffee Roasters, Bangkok Thailand.  
They’re all about the pour over, which we’re all about, so hell ya, let’s be friends. We had to try their takes on Thai arabica. Both medium in-house roasts.
Wild Honey,

Tastes a lot like a Central American with (surprising!) notes of honey. Really smooth drinking and a slightly bigger body. A long finish with some fruity acid and bitter depth, like burnt sugar. “Processed using honey method which results in caramel like sweetness like creme brûlée”. Beans from Thai High Ventures. Catimor and Caturra variety.
Bouquet #9, Lots of florality reminiscent of an Ethiopian bean. Light body with a solid acidity, more of an earthy flower like chrysanthemum meets jasmine. A taste of lemon balm with a hint of citrus. Single origin farm from Thai High Coffee, Catimor and Caturra variety.
One of the ironies of life is the place you seen most likely to find artisanal signs origin coffee is at the feet of big business and finance. In this case on the ground floor of Tisco tower in Bangkok’s Wall Steet, Silom. The people watching consists of looking at lots of importentish people walk by in fancy bank clothes. Still, I love me a good coffee!
Resiliency: 7/10 High caffine, caccaccafffiiinneee!!!!! 

Affordability: 7/10 Worth the premium pricing.

Cannabis Pairability: 9/10 Both roasts are perfect for a floral stain like Black Dahlia, one I have never tried but it involves the pursuit of the exotic and the name is suitably upper crust.

Dopeness: 8/10 #coffee

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