Thai Landrace Cannabis

Thai Landrace Cannabis  
Paired with Singha this Thai landrace creates a pairing flavor of Honeydew Melon. It’s really quite crazy. 
Straight from the mountain ladies of Northern Thailand, it has a toasted thing going on, “probably because it’s been left out in a hot field for so long” says my friend who did the anonymous tasting. “A whole mess of ladies lead me to a field where they uncovered their secret stashes and each tried to present their baggies as the best. It was mostly shwag, clumsily trimmed, improperly stored and riddled with seeds. Some however did have a good dusting of trichomes, yellow hairs and a mellow body high indicating a generous profile of CBD that makes the world’s wild landrace cannabis so exciting. Earthy and sweet flavors of allspice, cinnamon and pepper with a tobacco profile” He goes on the say.


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