Gallery Coffee, Bangkok Thailand.

Gallery Coffee, Bangkok Thailand.  
It’s on the ground floor of an art museum! A barista hand grinds beans for a pour-over, there’s jazz playing, the ceiling looks like an egg carton wave. The place is decked out in a “new vintage” look and of course the employees’s dope fixed gear cycles are parked out front.
We had to go back a second time and unfortunately for use try four of their drinks!
9-1 washed beans from Chiang Rai, pour-over: Tastes like a Snickers bar with notes of caramel, peanut and chocolate. It has an incredible smooth light unassuming flavor that is really well intentioned and secretly rich with complexities on the end. It’s like that kind old grandpa who gives you a smile every morning on your way to work but never says a word or asks for anything in return.
Chiang mai dry process pour over: Layers of acidity on the finish, like a multi flavored cheesecake of complexity. With a full body and rich creamy taste it has hints of apricot and water chestnut.
Cold brew: Has a flavor of berry cinnamon, really strong yet wicked smooth, just like you want a cold brew to be.
Iced Mocha: Surprisingly savory and smooth, with the perfect amount of sweetness on the finish. An excited and decadent flavor like melted bittersweet chocolate ice cream. There was an interesting choice to steam some milk to have froth on the top– a nice way to balance the decadence to a more light and easy drink. Good as fuck. -says Fern. 


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