Lager Wine. Product of Pyramid Wines, Kalaw, Myanmar. Est. 1957

Lager Wine “Manufactured with non-chemical”  
Well apparently there’s still fermentation going on because it exploded on opening!! Just like a fancy French natural wine, or maybe an infectious yeast strain 🙂
It has an aroma of ester and citronella with a berry flavor and the look of coca-cola.

Tastes like a black lager! Is that what lager wine means? They use lager yeast? Is that a things? 

Slightly sparkling, it has a slight berry sourness leaning towards raspberry with a tartness and side notes of cola. Tastes thoroughly alcoholic, probably because it’s been fermenting in the market.

Product of Pyramid Wines, Kalaw, Myanmar. Est. 1957 Alc. 12.5%
Resiliency: 4/10 Less than riveting but most assuredly exciting! 

Affordability: 5/10 By Myanmar standards very expensive and not really a steal at western prices either.

Cannabis Pairability: 5/10 I would try and riff off the cola notes if I was looking for a pairing.

Dopeness: 5/10 I have to include this direct quote off the bottle. “Direction Cheerer wine is garantteed 100% for its natural flavour and smeel, it is also garantteed that it is not a distilled alcohol. It is producted from fruits and only to be 200cc per day for your health.”


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