The Burmese Cigar. Aka the Cheroot

The Burmese Cigar. Aka the Cheroot  
Wrapped in Shan state cheroot tree leaves with a corn filter. One lady can hand roll about five hundred cheroot cigars a day which are then vigorously smoked in all corners of Myanmar. 

They have a green sweet smoke with a baking spice and floral tropical fruit flavor. Fairly full and heavy with a definite grip on the pallet. A great once in a lifetime experience, a unique mixture of Tobacco, Honey, Tamarind, Brown sugar, Banana Fruit, Rice Wine, Star Anis. And seriously, once in a lifetime.
Pair with a rich and bold Burmese stout like Black Shield.
Like oak milk with hints of smokey hazelnut it has big roast malt flavor, a slight bitterness and a weirdly sour finish.
Resiliency: 6/10 Buzzed off one.

Affordability: 7/10 Still Myanmar!

Cannabis Pairability: 5/10 Needs a good earthy Indica or a cheroot!

Dopeness: 6/10. #burma #myanmar #burmesecigar #cigar #cigars #cheroot #inlelake #yangon #stout #smoke #beer #cigarsunday #beer #beerlover #beertime #pints #brew #craftbrewlife #craftbrewing #beertasting #beerporn #beerstagram #instabeer #brews #microbrew


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