Prairie Flare Gose Ale brewed with orange and coriander.

Prairie Artisan Ales’
Prairie Flare Gose Ale brewed with orange and coriander.
It feels as refreshing as when Tommie’s mom brought fresh cut orange slices to the soccer game or a lime popsicle on a sunny sunday. 

Apricot with a nice citrus zing yet slightly earthy. Like a bright and dry wind in some far off place… Possibly the prairies of Oklahoma?? The finish feels a little like tea which is comforting and my belly feels happy like the brew is helping me to reestablish my flora and fauna. The only problem was how fleeting the head was.
One pint of 5.4% from Krebs Brewing Company. Krebs, Oklahoma.
Sour’s force you to drink in a new way. You’re not meant to buy a six pack, the flavors are so big you’re unable to guzzle, it makes you approach them mindfully.
Resiliency: 6/10 One pint is perfect.

Affordability: 7/10 It’s worth it for the joy of looking at all the cheeky little pictures. Reagan in a box, a pair of butts, a leaping fish.

Cannabis Pairability: 10/10 The piney woodiness from the cannabis makes it morph into a dry champagne. It amplifies the reach and the tanginess of the sour for an incredibly heady and exciting pairing.

Dopeness: 8/10


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