Banshee 2014 Sonoma Valley Pinot Noir

Banshee 2014 Sonoma Valley Pinot Noir  
Loads of cherry and red berry with hints of nettle, cola and smoke. A long and loamy finish with acidity only foggy mornings could bring. 
Cannabis Pairing:

A vaporized extraction gives a nudge to the Pinot’s tannins while bringing out an even sweeter profile in the Cherry Pie. This shining combination brings deeper complexity to each part. 

A water extraction brings an earthy depth to this bright and zippy vintage but unfortunately bowls over the fruit flavors leaving only the cola and smoke. To big an extraction for the medium body.
Resiliency: 9/10 Addictive, balanced and ready to drink now.

Affordability: 9/10 Amazing quality to price ratio

Cannabis Pairability: 9/10

Dopeness: 9/10
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Lichen Estate Les Pinots

Lichen Estate 2014 Anderson Valley Les Pinots60% Pinot Noir, 40% Pinot Gris

Both tropical and saline this blend is simultaneously juicy and trippy. Its clean character is free of both oak and malo lending towards notes of grapefruit and lychee with a touch of nori. The slight effervescence balances out the citrus-skin grip leading to a long and languid finish.
Resiliency: 8/10

Affordability: 7/10

Cannabis Pairability: 9/10 The savory character of the wine begs for lots of fresh green terpenes while the saline and acid components provide lots of pallet cleansing.

Dopeness: 8/10
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Klinker Brick old vine Zinfandel Lodi 2013

Klinker Brick old vine Zinfandel Lodi 2013  
Ripe strawberry both on the nose and pallet. Quintessential Lodi jammyness with complex oscillating tannins and acid. Notes of quince and cranberry sauce. Perfect for a cold evening by the #owensriver in the #eastsierra 
Resiliency: 9/10

Affordability: 8/10 

Cannabis Pairability: 9/10 With its full body and rich finish Klinker Brick holds up to full smoke and big berry Kush strains.

Dopeness: 8.5/10
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Jean-Jacques Auchere 2015 Sancerre.

Jean-Jacques Auchere 2015 Sancerre.  
Peach, white nectarine and kiwi with flower buds and grapefruit alongside crushed granite. A long finish like a picnic in a patch of honeysuckle on a grassy knoll. Vibrant acid balanced by a gentle and dry minerality with a long finish.

Paired with a cold #owensvalley night the #Askanosie #DelTambo Ecuador Nib, while delicious, is best left or an after wine treat next to the fire. 
Resiliency: 9/10 Slight honey keeps you fresh.

Affordability: 9/10 A total deal.

Cannabis Pairability: 9/10 The dry finish with the juicy center allows it to blend with and play off of the lightly extracted terpene profile of a peach or stonefruit hybrid.

Dopeness: 9/10
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Peaches & Cream: Still Desert

Southern Oregon born and raised Cannabis Strain Peaches & Cream is aptly named. It tastes like a South Georgia special with an Oregon twist.

Flavor of fresh Umpqua dairy cream and Rolling Hills peaches wrapped up in a bundle of THC joy. This is a dessert bud just because of its wonderful flavor.

Flavor of fresh Umpqua dairy cream and Rolling Hills peaches wrapped up in a bundle of THC joy. A dessert bud of pure wonder and flavor.

Try pairing with a balanced brew like GoodLife Brewing’s Sweet As or a fruity and dynamic Sauvignon Blanc like Kim Crawford 2014.

The Beginner’s Guide to Pairing Cannabis and Wine

A cannabis and wine pairing uses the sensory enhancing properties of cannabis to cultivate an entirely new flavor experience with the wine. So forget swilling grape alcohol and and burning buds, forget the spins and forget Cheech and Chong. This is how to explore the pairing potential of two of the most genetically diverse plants on the planet, cannabis and grapes – as it opens up an entire new world of sensory possibilities.

Fern finding all the complementary flavors.

Fern finding all the complementary flavors.

Every tasting situation is unique. Drinking a Bordeaux with your first love might elicit a totally different flavor experience than drinking the exact same vintage the next day with a boring colleague. You wouldn’t want to smoke a pure Indica before a night of dancing just like you wouldn’t want to drink a whole bottle of ultra tannic Nebbiolo. Similar to a food and wine pairing, an upbeat situation demands a light varietal and a giggly strain whereas a slow situation demands a heavier varietal and headier strain.

Flavor pairing:

When pairing anything you are looking for one of two main effects.

  1. Compatibility: The paired items share a similar profile that is amplified when placed together. I.e. The grassy notes of a Sauvignon Blanc are amplified by a meal’s heavy use of fresh greens and herbs.
  2. Balance: The paired items each have a different component that when placed together create a whole. I.e. The sweetness of a Riesling balances the spiciness of an Asian dish loaded with chilis.

Extraction technique:

How one smokes the cannabis will affect what kind of wine to choose, or vice-versa. The bigger and harsher the cannabis extraction the more robust the wine needs to be. The more subtle and balanced the wine, the extraction technique can be lighter.

Compatibility pairings often work best with a light extraction technique such as a vaporizer. A hint of citrus in your Vino Verde can be accentuated by the strong citrus notes of Lemon Haze, but the presence of smoke would overpower the delicate nature of the wine.

On the other hand smoking a joint or pipe can be perfect for a balance pairing. The earthy forest notes of a Beaujolais pairs wonderfully with the berry and earthy notes of Blue Dream. The wine’s juicy nature interacts with the earthy smoke to create a unified whole that is more complex and balanced than the parts on their own.

If you insist on smoking a bong for your wine pairing, choose something sweet and young like an Argentinian Malbec. The munchies you’re about to be gripped by are going to force you into a sugar fiends frenzy. Also you might get dizzy.

Choosing the Strain:

Cannabis, just like wine, has an astounding genetic diversity. Varietals like the famous Pineapple Express or Sour Diesel are grown on mountain hillsides, in backyards and indoor grow rooms all over the world much like Merlot, Chardonnay, Cab, etc… are grown the world over. Due to this diversity, every cannabis flower has its own unique flavor profile just like every vintage.

Here are some examples of general wine flavor profiles paired with some of this year’s most popular strains.

Light Dry White: Light Herbaceous Sauvignon Blanc with vaporized Harlequin

Sweet White: Tropical Honey Riesling with joint of Pineapple Express

Rich White: Creamy Oaked Chardonnay with joint of Headband

Sparkling White: Light Citrus Cava with vaporized Grapefruit Kush

Rosé: Fruity Grenache Rosé with vaporized Strawberry Cough

Light Red: Soft Cranberry Pinot Noir with vaporized Cherry Pie

Medium Red: Fruity dry herbal Côtes du Rhône blend with joint of Girl Scout Cookies

Bold Red: Tannic Black Cherry Tempranillo with joint of Blackberry Kush

Dessert Wine: Rich Ruby Port with bong hit of Sour Diesel

Kim Crawford 2014 Sauvignon Blanc with a joint of March harvested Rogue Valley indoor grown Harlequin.

Kim Crawford 2014 Sauvignon Blanc with a joint of March harvested Rogue Valley indoor grown Harlequin.

So you’ve chosen you vintage and your strain. How do you analyze whether the two are compatible?

  1. Compare the aroma. Smell the flower, smell the wine, smell the flower, smell the wine. Do they compliment each other or do they clash?
  2. Take a small sip of the wine, aerate, swallow and contemplate the flavor. What notes jump out at you?
  3. Take a small puff of cannabis, while holding it in, take a small sip of the wine and then exhale. Open your nostrils… What flavor lingers? Are they clashing or do they create a unified whole? Is one overpowering the other, or does it fill the other with a complimentary notes?
  4. And then here is the most important step: Do you like it?

We’ed Love Some Wine and Edibles

Pop a run-of-the-mill bud in your mouth and cannabis tastes a lot like: The young spice of a green bell pepper, A goat chewing grass, A piney pine tree.


Luckily, with the explosion of the underground ‘craft’ grower scene and the recent easing of prohibition we have increasing access to a wide variety of high quality buds and pre-made edibles.

I ate a hash jolly rancher then woke up twelve hours later with the T.V. still on.

Just because cannabis edibles can be mind numbingly strong doesn’t mean they have to be. The pungent cannabis flavor combines with the profile of the food, causing an entirely new taste that is easy to ingest and doesn’t require smoking. The key to a sustainable and happy buzz is knowing when to stop. Take it too far and the worst that will happen is a long, long sleep. Over an hour can pass before a weed edible hits, so it’s perfect for a chill evening with friends along side a glass or two of carefully paired wine.

Extractions and Why To Decarb

Only the most skilled chefs, chemists and home-bakers can preserve the true flavor integrity of the cannabis when extracting for edibles. For wine pairing, extraction technique is the biggest component affecting the flavor of the cannabis. What method you use will affect how we pair the final edible with the wine. The following are four common techniques, click on a title below to be linked to a ‘how-to’.

  Dominant Flavor Profiles Best Wine Pairing Pairs With
Weed Butter Creamy Dairy, Herbal, Spicy, Earthy, Grassy/Fungal Rich White, Light Red Light White, Medium Red
Canna-Oil Fruity, Olive, Floral, Earthy, Spicy, Grassy/Fungal Rich White, Light White Medium Red, Light Red
Phoenix Tears Exotic Spice, Earthy, Barnyard, Grassy/Fungal Medium Red Rich White, Sweet White
Cannabis Honey Earthy, Sweet, Caramel, Floral, Herbal, Spcy, Grassy/Fungal Medium Red, Sweet White Light Red, Dessert

The hotter and faster you decarboxylate, the more terpenes will break down.

To the weed gourmet, terpenes or terpenoids are very, very important. They have medicinal and recreational purposes and also give weed its flavor. It’s the different combinations of terpenes that cause some strains to taste and smell like berry or citrus while others have flavors of pine, cheese, Sasquatch Den, etc…

When extracting cannabis, Decarboxylation is the process used to make THCA become the psychoactive compound THC. Basically, when ingesting weed, if you don’t ‘decarb’ you won’t get as high with the same amount. (Click here for instructions)

When cooking with any fully extracted batch of oil, butter or elixir always be aware of heat. Too much too fast can damage the integrity of the terpenes and therefore the medicinal value and richness of the flavor. Also, wink-wink, potency.

Why Strains and How to Pair

Different strains have radically different flavors and ‘stoney’ effects. For the research behind this tasting we chose the wildly popular Blue Dream because of its availability and potency. The sweet blueberry flavor results from its hybridization of Blueberry Indica and Sativa Haze. A long time favorite of Southern Oregon outdoor growers because of its hardiness and high yield it has around 18% THC and a good representation of terpenes like Myrcene. Blue Dream balances a relaxed body high while maintaining a heady cerebral edge, perfect for edible extraction.

The strain you choose for your pairing is important as an indica, sativa or hybrid will affect the ultimate high and flavor profile. For non-weed aficionados the general rule of thumb is if you want calm, use an indica, and if you want giggly, use a sativa. Consult your local dispensary Eeny meeny mini moe.

Dinner with Canna-Oil

So you’re planning a dinner party with some friends. Though everyone ‘blazes’, coughing, cottonmouth and smoke bring the party down. Canna-oil is the answer. Building on the already established knowledge of wine and food pairings, the following recipes include the Canna-Oil flavor profile as a component in the ultimate pairing choices.

  Dominant Flavor Profile Best Pairing Suggestions
Shredded Kale Salad with Cranberries and Sunflower Seeds Green Vegetable, Sour Fruit, Nuts, Olive, Grassy, Earthy Sparkling, Rich White Try a Viognier, or Chardonnay to round the big flavors with creamy/nutty. Try a Cava to keep things floral and light.
Hawaiian Pizza Cured Pork, Acidic Fruit, Creamy Mild Cheese, Olive, Grassy, Earthy Medium Red, Sweet White Try a fruity Riesling to compliment the pineapple and pork. Try a fruity Merlot or Zinfandel to round out the acid and compliment the fat/rich of cheese and meat.
Grilled Lamb with Chimichurri Sauce Roasted Lamb, Gamey, Grassy, Earthy, Allium, Herbal Medium Red, Bold Red Lamb takes on the flavor of the sauce and chimichurri has some big flavors. Try a smooth red with higher acidity such as Malbec, Syrah or Côtes du Rhône.

The Classics

Your experience with homemade edibles has most likely been with oversweet desserts. It might have been at a drum circle, post college orientation party or given to you in someone’s mom’s basement. You probably got so ‘god damn, what happened knocked-out stoned’ that you thought I’m never doing that again. Fortunately those college ‘cooks’ are now experienced chefs, chemists, and know-it-alls who can legally sell high quality cannabis products and you can finally expect some control over dose.

Weed edibles are synonymous with dessert.

  Extraction Used Dominant Flavor Profile Pairs Best With Suggestions
The Pot Brownie Weed Butter Chocolate, Creamy/Butter, Sweet Dessert, Bold Red Chocolate is a strong flavor and overpowers many wines, so try with a fortified red like Ruby Port or a nutty dessert wine like Sherry. Try a big spicy red like Australian Shiraz.
Chocolate Truffle With Cayenne Phoenix Tears Chocolate, Creamy/Butter, Herbal, Hot/Spicy Sweet White, Sparkling Cayenne dominates the chocolate flavor. Try Muscat for a big sweetness to cut through cayenne. Try a Demi-Sec for a sparkling wine with sufficient sweetness.
Stoney Banana Bread Weed Butter Earthy/Fruit, Sweet, Creamy/Butter, Earthy, Herbal Rich White Definitely a buttery and well oaked Chardonnay. A light herbal Sauvignon Blanc would accentuate the grassy flavors of weed and banana.
Coconut Almond Trail Bar Cannabis Honey Nutty, Creamy/Fruit, White Starch, Earthy, Sweet, Grassy Sweet White The high acid/sweet of an Alsacean Riesling or Gewürztraminer allows the herbal/nutty flavor keep its integrity.

If any of the wild claims or assumptions aforementioned offended any sensibilities I can only apologize later. Photo credit linked to each picture. Look for more of the Dopest Wine Taster‘s upcoming Weed N Wine: Cannabis Pairings series.

Weed n’ Wine: A Stoned Introduction

Weed gives me the munchies; it’s an established fact. Toke up a little and bar the fridge because I’ll eat all of the guacamole and after eat all the remaining corn chips. Later, sickeningly full I’ll wonder why? The corn chips were so goddamn dry and Gangsta Rap didn’t make me do it. It was only weed, a lack of self-control, and a whole lot of sugar cravings.

No matter what shade of marijuana legalization you believe or don’t believe, it is coming to a state near you. While some brace for the date that will allow reefer fiends to run free in the streets, others worry about the encroachment of big business into a currently largely homegrown industry. Some see this as the first step to the breaking of the War on Drugs and freeing of federal inmates held on marijuana related charges, while others are happy for the opportunity to blaze up in the privacy of their own home without fear. Most see legalization as a misty date that will cause some change, maybe big, maybe small while being sure as hell confusing and legally muddled. With the easing of prohibition we can finally start talking about weed in an open and honest way and begin walking on the long road to legitimization.

Besides UB40’s hit rehash of some good old Neil Diamond, only a small group of people are talking about weed and wine pairings, mostly in relation to fine dining. This is with good reason, when used incorrectly, the two clash like a pair of horny elk in rutting season, causing the spins and a whole lot of other heavy head syndrome. However, when paired correctly and used in correct dosages, weed carefully paired with wine can compliment each other in the most wonderful ways.

Charles Baudelaire in his Poem of Hashish says that it was “the mirror that magnifies.” Anyone who has been like ‘way too stoned’ can tell you pot reflects what you are already feeling then amplifies it. If you get stoned in a paranoid state it will heighten paranoia, if you go in a carefree state it will help cultivate a happy carefree state. By embarking on a smoking sesh with taste in mind, weed can help cultivate an increased awareness of flavor and experience in the wine. Its sensory enhancing properties can interact with the wine in new and dynamic ways.

This is the introduction to a series of article called Weed n Wine that will examine how to properly and enjoyably pair two of the world’s most mystical agricultural products. Look for the upcoming articles about how and what to pair including:

  • Wine and Weed Edibles: Building on the knowledge of food pairing.
  • Wine and How You Smoke: How should you ingest marijuana when pairing with wine.
  • Weed and Wine: A short history of cultivation and processing.
  • Wine and a Vaporizer: What and how to pair varietals when extracted through vaporization.
  • Wine and the Joint: What and how to pair varietals when extracted ‘classically’.