The Crew

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Because flavor! Nonexclusive reviews of the dopest selection including any reasonably priced vintage, brew, extract or concoction. With questionable motives we look for worthy taste, then rant about it.

As for-real as a hummingbird.

Dopest Wine Taster: Self-Important Rambler, Obsessive Focus

Ryly: Self-Important Rambler, Obsessive Focus

Learning taste by carefully calculating exactly how much he could dilute his parent’s liquor cabinet before they would notice a tequila, rum and vodka altered in appearance and potency. Progressed to closet fermentation techniques to discover just how yeasty and potent he could cultivate alcoholic fruit juice. Now, with not a single drop of  ‘know-how’, investigates the flavor and physical affects of all things liquid.

The sober eye provides coherency

Fern: Media and Design Coordinator, The Palate

Growing up hooked on PBS cooking shows, Fern learned the talk and the look. Indoctrinated in the fresh Mediterranean food of her mother’s sugar-free hippy table, her palate is acute as her face. She is the taste brain behind the operation.


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